The Neosys Technology – Environment Business Unit has been involved in air pollution control for more than 20 years. Our main activities are described below. Why not benefit from our many years of experience?

Air pollution control

The Neosys air pollution control services include:

  • Planning regional or local measures
  • Drawing up emission and immission inventories
  • Drawing up guidelines
  • Drawing up greenhouse gas balance sheets
  • Developing climate protection programmes
  • Providing support for the enforcement of the CO2 Act

Exhaust air

The Neosys range of services relating to exhaust air includes:

  • Assuming the role of neutral adviser to evaluate the best solution for reducing the pollutant and odour emissions of your facility
  • Drawing up immission forecasts on the basis of propagation calculations
  • Stack height calculations
  • Producing VOC balance sheets
  • Assessing exhaust air problems in accordance with the applicable regulations and directives.
Exhaust air plant
Exhaust air plant


Odour assessments

Odour assessments firstly serve to determine the pollution in the area affected and secondly to reduce odour emissions at their source. We measure odour emissions using olfactometrics, carry out odour assessments by inspecting the facility, simulate odour situations using propagation calculation and draft neutral reports in conflicts of interest.

Air hygiene in the workplace and in residential properties

The Neosys range of services includes measuring air pollutants in workplaces and in residential properties and assessing the results in accordance with the applicable directives. We also advise you in your search for the cause of the pollution and on how to improve the situation.