Do you want an independent, useful evaluation of your management system, or would you like to know the extent to which your company complies with the legislation? With our independent perspective, we at Neosys are ideally placed to give you a situation analysis in the form of an audit.

Experienced auditors carry out internal audits in your company, based on their in-depth specialist knowledge and skills. We point out any discrepancies and draw up a list of proposed, targeted improvement measures for your business. We support the implementation of these measures, using our knowledge and experience in the standards and technical issues.

Management system audit areas:

  • Environmental Management, ISO 14001
  • Energy Management, ISO 50001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management, OHSAS 18001 and EKAS 6508
  • Quality Management, ISO 9001
  • Integrated management systems, i.e. a combination of the above systems

Legal compliance audit

Proving compliance with the law is becoming ever more important, as customers, shareholders and the authorities often want evidence. A legal compliance audit examines how the required knowledge of the applicable regulations can be met within the company, how they can be implemented in practice and how to demonstrate proof of compliance. Practical compliance is checked by randomly sampled systems, facilities and activities.


  • Safety inspections
  • Hazardous substances audit