Contaminated land, solid waste, effluents

If you are the owner of a contaminated plot of land or building, or have contaminated excavation material you need to dispose of, there’s no need to panic – simply contact Neosys! As specialists in contaminated sites and environmental protection, we are sure to be able to help you.

We will also support you in your search for a cost-optimised solution for disposing of your industrial and commercial waste, and can advise you on problems relating to the quality of your process effluent.

Contaminated site surveys, soil

We carry out historical and/or technical contamination surveys of your land (company site, former landfill site), and, if necessary, draw up the necessary decontamination and monitoring measures in accordance with the Swiss Contaminated Sites Ordinance.

We also carry out soil surveys, and evaluate them in accordance with the Swiss Soil Pollution Ordinance.

Contaminated site survey
Contaminated site survey

Waste, disposal and recycling

Our good contacts with waste disposal companies and authorities enable us to find the ideal means of disposal for industrial waste or contaminated excavation material. The Neosys range of services includes:

  • the evaluation of your site’s subsoil and soil in line with the Contaminated Sites Ordinance, the Soil Pollution Ordinance, the Technical Ordinance on Waste and the Excavation Guidelines;
  • the drafting of recycling and disposal plans for excavation material;
  • organisation of the disposal itself, including obtaining the necessary permits.

We support industrial and commercial companies effectively in the development or optimisation of treatment procedures for their specific waste, as well as monitoring pilot operations and obtaining the necessary analyses for evaluation.


We advise you on the design of your storage and goods handling site to ensure legally compliant drainage systems. We also have practical expertise in the pretreatment and monitoring of industrial effluents, evaluate treatment plants, plan and monitor tests and carry out investigations of effluents.

Baudirektion ZH

Rolf Gerber has Authorisation No. 10260 for private inspection and reporting in the specialist areas of

  • Industrial effluent, industrial waste
  • Firefighting water reservoirs, cargo handling safety, storage