Corporate risk management

Risk management is one of the most important management tasks to ensure the long-term survival of an organisation. All risks that represent a threat to the existence of the company are examined systematically. Often these are not technical risks, but risks arising from bad investments, failure to secure the right expertise or liability claims. Such risks need to be identified, assessed and, if necessary, minimised/controlled.

Gefahrenkarte für Unternehmens-Riskmanagement

Risk chart for corporate risk management

The ISO 31000 standard, applicable worldwide, governs generic risk management. We assist companies in implementing this standard within the organisation.

More than half of the companies that suffer a major catastrophe go bust – despite insurance against natural disasters and business interruption! The reason for this is that if production incapacity lasts too long, customers go elsewhere! Everything possible must therefore be in place to ensure that, in the event of a major event (fire, flooding, etc.), production can be resumed as quickly as possible. This is achieved thanks to business continuity management. At Neosys, we prepare tailor-made business continuity plans for our clients.