Energy, CO2 and climate protection

Energy consultancy

Energy, with all its various facets, has long been a major issue. We analyse and optimise the energy efficiency of technical systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, compressed air and production systems) as well as of building shells in all sectors – industrial, commercial, residential and administrative. As a partner in planning, renovations and situation analyses, we pursue the goal of reducing energy costs or achieving the target you have been set for exemption from the CO2 levy or obtaining a reimbursement of the grid supplement payment.

We work with the following energy partners:

  • Accredited by Energo, an Energie Schweiz programme
  • Minergie specialist partner (Silvio Borella)
  • GEAK+ expert (Silvio Borella)
  • Accredited Kt SO energy consultant (Silvio Borella)
  • Consultant in the “Bern-saniert” programme of the city of Bern (Silvio Borella)

CO2 and climate protection

We offer considerable expertise and services relating to the CO2 Act and climate protection. We produce greenhouse gas balances for municipalities, products (“carbon footprint”’) and processes, and make CO2 projects tradable at national and international level, as well as developing concepts for climate-neutral organisations. We provide support and offer comprehensive advice on the enforcement of the CO2 Act.

CO2 trading in Switzerland
CO2 trading in Switzerland

Industrial heating technology

We analyse and optimise your industrial furnace system, in particular with regard to the reduction of energy consumption and ensuring and improving the quality of the goods used. We draw up specifications for restructuring projects and monitor systems or building projects. We also offer relevant instruction and training.