EIA, environmental analyses

Environmental impact assessments (EIA)

The Neosys team is experienced in drawing up EIAs for projects of all kinds, such as wind farms, road and railway construction, production and warehousing facilities, sewage treatment plants, waste processing centres and hazardous waste furnaces. We handle all areas of the environmental sector, and can call on independent recognised experts in specialist areas if required. We are experienced in collaborating on the environmental optimisation of a project and negotiating with the authorities. We support owners in the communication of their projects to the general public and in the search for solutions where there are conflicting objectives.

EIA for a wind farm
EIA for a wind farm

Due diligence audits

We carry out neutral evaluations of plants, factories and sites, on the instructions of owners, prospective purchasers, lenders and authorities. The client generally specifies the main focus, which may be the environmental situation, legal compliance, the technical state of the art, market opportunities, liability risks or environmental risks. Strict confidentiality is guaranteed. If required, we can advise on specific renovation plans, together with cost estimates.

Eco-balances, energy and material flows

We analyse material and energy flows for you and create eco-balances for plants, sites or products to meet your requirements and budget, in line with the current balancing methods (BUWAL 1997, Ecoindicator 99, etc.).

Environmental monitoring

Pollutants in the air, water and ground, noise and electromagnetic radiation result in pollution for the environment and for people. We are experts in the methodology for identifying either general pollutants or the impact of specific projects, and interpreting the results.

Domestic toxins, indoor climate

Our homes and workplaces protect against cold, wind and rain, but also produce emissions that can affect the health and well-being of their occupants: indoor air particles, asbestos, allergens, germs, odours, radiation, noise and vibrations. We come to your home; we measure, analyse and help find the solution.