Legal Compliance

The leading legislative services provider in Switzerland!

In line with each customer’s requirements, we determine and record the relevant legislative requirements at fedral, cantonal and municipal level – selected individually for your company, in three of Switzerland’s official languages (D, F, I).

The Neosys legal compliance services include:

  • Environmental protection
  • Energy
  • Occupational safety, including SUVA and EKAS
  • Food safety
  • Fire protection
  • Selected product-related European Union legislation (REACH, RoHS, WEEE etc.)
  • HR/employment law
  • Medical technology
  • Other areas by agreement

In a document summarising the legislation, we compile the legal requirements applicable to your company. These can be augmented by user-defined queries – for example, a list of requirements specific to your process or your location can be included.

We also provide support for product-related environmental protection in accordance with REACH, RoHS, WEEE etc., so that you can ensure the legal compliance of your products within the European Union are being met.

Stay well-informed with our legislation update service

It goes without saying that we keep abreast of changes to the legislation, explain them and indicate any necessary courses of action. Your customer-specific legislation document is tracked by Neosys experts. You will also receive 2-3 newsletters per annum, as well as being able to use our telephone information service at any time.