The Neosys mission statement

We are a skilled team of experts from the environment, engineering, safety, risk management, social responsibility and management systems sectors. Our concern is for the sustainable success of our clients, and we achieve this by combining technical expertise with a sound understanding of management.

Working for companies, authorities and organisations in Switzerland and worldwide, we analyse, advise, plan, calculate, measure and draft surveys and reports.

We are characterised by our specialist expertise and our independence. Independent of any manufacturer and in full compliance with the law, our work is bound by professional and ethical standards and by loyalty to our clients.

We continually develop our services, thereby ensuring that we are always improving. An important aspect of this is the exchange of information and experience between our various specialists.

We also improve our own environmental impact on an ongoing basis.

Our corporate culture is characterised by acceptance, esteem and trust, and by a shared will to succeed, which unites our employees, projects and stakeholders at all levels. Our employees work with a high level of responsibility for their own actions.