Noise, architectural acoustics

Noise is unwanted sound. Sound is clearly defined physically – noise, on the other hand, is perceived subjectively, so it is often difficult to assess. The Neosys noise specialists will be pleased to support you in the various aspects of noise control.

Assessing noise in accordance with the Swiss Noise Abatement Ordinance

The assessment of noise generated by industrial and commercial activities, railways, airports, shooting ranges and traffic is undertaken in accordance with the Noise Abatement Ordinance. We measure and/or calculate the noise level in the vicinity of your facility, specify the noise control requirements for plant and buildings, and develop and evaluate noise control measures.

The technical acoustic evaluation and optimisation of building projects, and drafting of immission forecasts with noise models

In the context of planning and carrying out building projects, we are able to simulate the noise-related effects of your project using the CADNA software. This enables specific parts of the plant and the overall arrangement of the project to be noise-optimised at the planning stage.

The noise simulation also enables the emissions in the surrounding area from one or more existing sources to be calculated.

Immission forecast with a noise model
Immission forecast with a noise model


Measuring machine noise and noise at the workstation

Neosys can provide machine noise measurements for providing statements of machine noise emissions in accordance with Directive 2006/42/EC, as well as noise measurements at workstations to check compliance with the requirements of SUVA and Ordinance 3 of the Swiss employment law.

Noise pollution from the operation of public premises

We determine and evaluate the noise pollution from the operation of public premises in accordance with the Cercle Bruit guidelines.

Architectural acoustics

We measure and evaluate the architectural acoustic properties of buildings in accordance with SIA Standard 181, noise control in construction.