Our areas of expertise

Neosys AG offers services to promote its clients’ sustainability. This includes all aspects of ecological sustainability, together with a broad range of matters relating to social and economic sustainability (in particular security and risk analysis).

The menu to the left enables you to navigate all the sustainability areas covered by Neosys AG, and the list below will help you choose your particular topic directly.

A    Air hygiene in the workplace and in residential properties
    Air pollution control
    Architectural acoustics
    Assessing noise in accordance with the Swiss Noise Abatement Ordinance
    ATEX 137
B   Brief reports in accordance with the Major Accidents Ordinance
    Brief reports on transport routes
    Business continuity management
C   Carbon footprint
    Climate-neutral organisation
D   Developing concepts
    Domestic toxins, indoor climate
    Due diligence audits
E   Eco-balances
    EHS audits
    Emergency manual
    Emergency plans
    Energy and material flows
    Energy consultants
    Environmental monitoring
    Exhaust air cleaning
F   Financial controlling in implementation
    Further development of management systems
    Greenhouse gas balances
H   Hazardous substance audits
    Hazardous substances safety advisers
    Hazardous substance storage
    Hazardous substance training
I   Industrial heating technology
    Integrated management systems, IMS
    Internal QES audits
    Intrusion prevention
    Investigations of contaminated sites
    ISO 14001 Environmental management systems
    ISO 31000
    ISO 50001 Energy management systems
    ISO 9001 Quality management systems
L   Legal compliance
    Legal compliance audits
    Legislation update service
M   Machine noise
N   New Public Management
    Noise immission forecasts
O   Occupational safety
    Odour assessments
    OHSAS 18001 Occupational safety management systems
    Operating instructions
P   Product-related environmental protection
R   Recycling
    Risk analyses
S   Safety data sheets
    Safety inspections
    Sectoral agreements
    Security in schools
    Soil surveys
    Stakeholder management
    Supplier management for sustainability
    Sustainability reporting
    Sustainable development in municipalities
    Sustainable procurement in the public sector
T   Triple balances