System maintenance and development

Doing the right thing…a challenge? Neosys supports customers during the further development of their management systems, assists during the maintenance of their system and has a great number of proven tools available for further development. The Neosys-specialists adapt their service to the specific needs of each customer – just as desired!

Your company’s performance can be optimised with our tools for the development of management systems:

  • How well does your current system fulfil standard requirements? What effort can you expect to get your current system ready for certification? A Gap-analysis derived measures gives you the answer.
  • Are environmental relevance analysis and life cycle assessments meaningful? The experts of Neosys support you with simple, proven tools to prepare a sound and useful analysis.
  • Are you complying with the legislation? With Lexplus Neosys offers the leading compliance-tool of Switzerland for various legal fields.
  • How effective is your management system? Figures can supply you with measurable statements - but are they meaningful? Together with you, Neosys prepares the figures and indicators that fit your company.
  • Is your management review useful and compliant with standards? Neosys supports you during the preparation of management reviews and other reports.
  • Audits have been our specialty for years: Neosys carries out an «internal» audit on your behalf. You benefit from proven knowledge and many years of experience.
  • Not enough capacity to maintain your management system? Hire an expert for general support.
  • Looking for digital support in all EHS areas? Neosys is the official Swiss partner of the Quentic software.