Rent a Specialist

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Rent a Specialist

Do you need to bridge vacation or maternity periods?

Are you finding it difficult to find internal occupational safety specialists due to the shortage of skilled workers?
Do you regularly need a person with specialist knowledge, but the overall demand is too low to create your own staff position with all the associated wage and non-wage labor costs?

Neosys AG
Privatstrasse 10
4563 Gerlafingen

+41 32 674 45 11

Rent a Specialist

The specialists at Neosys AG are at your disposal and provide you with flexible, short- or long-term, selective or regular support.

This can be project-related (e.g. vacation replacement, maternity replacement, bridging personnel bottlenecks) or is also possible in a mandate, in which we take over functions directly in the company on a weekly or monthly basis, for example.

Some examples of Rent-a-Specialist projects realized by Neosys AG:

  • Long-term support in the area of occupational safety from EHS specialists
  • Representation of safety officers, EHS specialists
  • Structure of the operational occupational safety system
  • Ensuring the ASA reference in companies with special hazards
  • Hazardous substance management and chemical safety
  • Development and support of management systems


Our specialists are here for you!

Your contacts

Do you have any questions about our services? We look forward to hearing from you!

Barbara Morasch
Dr. rer. nat. Umweltmikrobiologin
hazardous substances management, risk analysis, protection concepts, biosafety
+41 32 674 45 19

Maria Bühler
Dipl. Umweltingenieurin FH, Environmental engineer FH, hazardous goods officer,
ASGS Specialist (federal diploma)
+41 32 674 45 18