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Legal compliance audits

Checking and proving legal compliance.

Being able to demonstrate legal compliance is becoming increasingly important since customers, shareholders and authorities often expect evidence of this. Would you like to know to what degree your company is legally compliant? Take advantage of our independent perspective for an audit-based assessment of your position.

A legal compliance audit for your company will show you:

  • How people gain knowledge of the applicable regulations.
  • How these regulations are put into practice.
  • How compliance can be demonstrated.

We use spot checks of facilities, equipment and activities to verify compliance in practice.

Our experienced auditors conduct legal compliance audits with professional competence and expertise. They point out deviations, draw up proposals for target-oriented improvement measures and support you in your implementation of the improvements with their technical knowledge and experience with the standards.

Your requirements:

  • You want to know to what extent your company fulfils the legal requirements according to the management system standards, e.g. according to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 and ISO 50001.
  • You want to know whether your procedure for assessing legal compliance is appropriate and effective.
  • You want to know whether your company can produce the necessary permits and evidence to fulfil and demonstrate legal compliance.
  • You are facing a certification audit by a certification company, a customer visit, or a visit from the authorities or an insurer and want to be ready for this.

Our service

Our experienced specialists conduct legal compliance audits for you. In these, we check whether your approach to legal compliance is up-to-date, appropriate and adequate and whether the necessary evidence is available. Based on targeted spot checks, we examine the evidence for the legal requirements implemented in practice and draw up a detailed audit report with proposals for improvement measures.

We advise and support you in interpreting the legal requirements and verifying their implementation. We also support and advise you in the education and training necessary for your own internal legal compliance auditors and conduct workshops in your company.

Our experienced, practice-oriented specialists have more than 40 years’ experience between them and are happy to offer you competent personal advice and support.

Your contacts for LEXPLUS and the Neosys legal services

Please contact our team for all questions regarding LEXPLUS, legal compliance and our legal services.