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Legal requirement analysis

The basis for your legal compliance.

The initial legal requirement analysis consists of an inspection of your operating sites and full documentation of the results. Following the analysis, you receive:

  1. Your company profile in the LEXPLUS database
    – A list of laws as an overview of the applicable decrees in the areas of environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and energy, at federal, cantonal, municipal, Suva/FCOS and VKF (association of Swiss canton fire insurance companies) levels.
    – A detailed catalogue of legal requirements, with the individual regulations relevant to your sites (articles of law, limit values, licensing requirements, etc.).

  2. An accompanying report with focus areas
    concerning any requirements for action and further investigation identified in the analysis.

The legal documentation is available in the LEXPLUS database to the relevant company members – only those decrees and requirements are allocated that actually apply to your company.

Your contacts for LEXPLUS and the Neosys legal services

Please contact our team for all questions regarding LEXPLUS, legal compliance and our legal services.