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LEXPLUS – the online legal database

Would you like to ensure the legal compliance of your company with as little effort and expense as possible?
The LEXPLUS online legal database is a simple, cost-effective solution for checking and documenting your company’s legal compliance.

In LEXPLUS, your facilities and activities are recorded and assigned to the corresponding statutory requirements, generating a list of laws and an overview.

To enable you to manage all your Swiss sites in one account, we offer the software in three national languages (DE/FR/IT). You can easily switch directly between languages in your account.

Your LEXPLUS benefits:

  • Evaluation of legal compliance
  • No licence necessary (own user management)
  • DE/FR/IT languages
  • Individual management of several sites or areas
  • Allocation of legal requirements to facilities in operation
  • Regular legal updates
  • Swiss-made software
  • Data storage in Switzerland

The LEXPLUS legal areas:

The LEXPLUS database covers a variety of legal areas at a communal, cantonal and federal level. Other areas can be integrated after consultation.

Your contacts for LEXPLUS and the Neosys legal services

Please contact our team for all questions regarding LEXPLUS, legal compliance and our legal services.

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