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Implementing management systems

Would you like to manage your work processes more efficiently?

A management system is embedded into your processes and synergises all the issues that are important for your managers and for the certifications you wish to achieve. We assist you with the implementation stage and provide you with proven, practice-oriented tools.

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Implementing management systems

Based on your work processes, we build a structure together, along with the necessary means and regulations to systematically manage issues such as environment, occupational health and safety, quality, corporate social responsibility, energy, compliance, anti-bribery, data protection and information security.

Neosys is your partner for management systems of every kind:
• ISO 9001 Quality management • ISO 14001 Environmental management • ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management • ISO 50001 Energy management • ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management • ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility • ISO 27001 Information security management • ISO 31000 Risk management • ISO 37301 Compliance management • etc.

You choose the system (IT, management tool) yourself, and we work out the content with you.


Key steps:
Project management
Identifying the relevant areas (relevance analyses, hazard identification, etc.)
Building the structure on the system of your choice
Ensuring standards compliance
Management training
Internal audits
Kick-off with employees

All our clients have successfully passed their certification. Contact us for a detailed implementation plan that we will adapt to your needs flexibly and transparently.

See a list of our project references from industry and commerce throughout Switzerland:

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