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Fighting bribery with a system

Are you meeting your obligation to prevent bribery?

We help you to introduce and implement the organisational measures required by law to prevent bribery. We offer our services not only to companies but also to public sector organisations such as municipal administrations.

Neosys AG
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Management system for fighting bribery

We help you to answer these questions:

  • How should we deal with bribery?
  • Who needs to know what about bribery?
  • Are our procurement procedures legally compliant?
  • May we be unintentionally leaving ourselves open to prosecution?


Neosys AG is here to help you!
We assist companies and public organisations in setting up an effective internal control system (ICS) or implementing a certifiable management system according to ISO 37001:

  • Analysis and assessment of bribery risks
  • Development and implementation of control processes to fight bribery
  • Training and awareness raising
  • Audits and assistance with certification according to ISO 37001


Neosys AG is the leading consulting company for sustainable management systems.

We have specialists in risk management, corporate social responsibility and management systems.

Furthermore, our legal compliance tool, LEXPLUS, is Switzerland’s leading tool of its kind.

We would be happy to help you along your path to a successful and bespoke management system to fight and prevent bribery.


Confidential and on request.

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