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Stakeholder surveys

Stakeholder surveys are an important communication channel between you and your stakeholders. Not only are they useful when defining your corporate strategy, they are also becoming increasingly important for sustainability reporting.

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Stakeholder surveys

Stakeholder surveys offer great benefits for your company:

  • They provide information that can be decisive for corporate strategising.
  • They help you to identify customer needs and integrate them sustainably into your corporate activities.
  • They allow you to adapt your offer to the market.
  • They complement your reporting and documentation of your commitment to social, ecological and economic sustainability.

Neosys AG is here to help you:

Our many years’ experience in preparing sustainability reports, and thus also stakeholder surveys, means we are ideally placed to help you create and conduct your own survey:

  • We help you identify the most important stakeholders.
  • We identify the relevant topics that need to be covered in the survey.
  • We define the questions, create the questionnaire and conduct the survey.
  • We evaluate the answers and prepare the data so that it can also be used for a GRI report.
  • We help you to analyse the results and implement the insights gained.


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