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Eco-reporting for SMEs

The growing awareness of climate and sustainability means that even SMEs can no longer ignore this topic. Customers are increasingly willing to spend more money on sustainable production, fair working conditions and the careful use of resources.

Many SMEs are aware of this, they invest and implement measures. However, the effort required to collect environmental data is high and the involvement of environmental specialists is a barrier for small companies.

This is where our new product «Ökotreuhand» comes in, in which we automatically integrate eco-reporting into financial accounting. When entering the flow of goods into the accounting system, the environmental and CO₂ impacts of the purchased and sold products are automatically calculated and evaluated, which saves a lot of time.

The ERP we use combines economic and ecological requirements. We support you in planning and introducing the system. To this end, we offer complementary fiduciary services such as financial statements, wages and taxes with a sustainable perspective and confirm progress with a «Neosys Certificate» upon request.

Ecology and business management thus come from a single source.

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Eco-fiduciary services for SMEs

Ecology and economy from a single source: How environmentally friendly is your company really?

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Eco-fiduciary services for SMEs

We offer sustainable fiduciary services with environmental consulting:

  • We integrate your environmental balance sheet and CO₂ statement into the financial accounting.
  • We show the social factors such as equal pay and confirm them for you.
  • We show which operating areas and products are profitable.
  • We combine ecology, economy and social issues.
  • We support you with annual financial statements, taxes and wages.


Fiduciary services:
monthly and quarterly reporting at operating department level, liquidity reporting and forecasts.

Financial reporting:
project management, project and contribution margin accounting, stock accounting and webshop.

annual accounts, taxes, management consultancy.


CO2 evaluations:
Integrated evaluation from financial accounting, Neosys certificate «CO₂ neutral company», CO₂ balances for products, departments or companies.

Environmental and eco-reporting:
environmental impact accounting from financial accounting, automated eco-reporting, life cycle assessments and life cycle analyses.


Equal pay:
equal pay analyses, Neosys «equal pay» certificate, advice on fair pay systems.

Other social assessments:
social reporting, absence hour statistics, supplier assessment.

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