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Child labour – SA 8000 certification

Are you looking for a globally valid, cross-industry social management system?

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Child labour – SA 8000 certification

A sustainable corporate strategy also includes the social component of fair working conditions. Checking the working conditions of foreign suppliers is often a challenge, as different standards often apply outside Switzerland. We are here to help you down to the smallest detail!

The path to a social management system

Requirements of SA 8000 certification:

  • Implementation of a management system
  • Proof of conformity with the law
  • Verification of suppliers
  • External monitoring


Requirements regarding working conditions:

  • No child labour
  • No forced labour
  • Trade union freedom
  • No discrimination
  • Health and safety at work
  • Limitation of working hours
  • Fair wages
  • No harassment

Neosys AG is here to help you:

  • We assess all the advantages and disadvantages of SA 8000 certification for your company.
  • We advise and assist you in setting up an SA 8000 management system (in combination with other management systems, if appropriate).
  • We help you to develop a manual and adapt your processes.
  • We train your purchasing and quality management staff, and your suppliers.
  • We carry out audits of your suppliers.
  • We analyse the results and implement corrective measures.

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