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Conflict minerals

Procuring minerals without scandal or conflict.

We offer efficient solutions for your conflict minerals management and sustainable supply chain.

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Procurement of conflict minerals

The procurement of important minerals such as tungsten, tantalum, tin and gold – together with cobalt, diamonds and other raw materials – is becoming increasingly complex. In both the EU and Switzerland, the new regulations now in force require thorough clarifications that materials do not come from sources that violate human rights.

We offer efficient solutions for conflict minerals management and a sustainable supply chain. We also assist you in dealing with customer enquiries that require you to provide appropriate evidence, such as completing the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT).

In short, we help you strengthen your commitment and transparency in these areas and fulfil your due diligence obligations for a sustainable and conflict-free supply chain.

Our services:

  • Information on environmental and human rights issues
  • An analysis of your mineral sourcing for conflicts
  • Development of a new supplier code and control mechanisms
  • Management of customer enquiries and help with information gathering from suppliers
  • Where needed: introduction of management system elements in accordance with legal requirements


Confidential and on request.

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