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CSR Quick Scan

The path to more corporate social responsibility.

Do you want to ensure your company is socially accountable by including CSR in your strategy? We can provide you with a quick analysis of your activities from the point of view of compliance with international CSR requirements and help you plan and implement possible measures.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR Quick Scan

Quick Scan analysis factors:

  • Corporate governance
  • Regional involvement and community development
  • Consumer issues
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Human rights
  • Working conditions
  • Environment

What is the purpose of the CSR Quick Scan?
Society’s expectations of companies and public institutions are changing rapidly. The focus is increasingly on corporate social responsibility, which involves taking responsible action on social and environmental issues. Many companies and public institutions are already implementing individual initiatives, but often in an uncoordinated or incomplete manner.
To be a credible player in the market, they need a comprehensive analysis to classify ongoing activities and uncover blind spots. CSR thus becomes a cross-sectional task that flows into all areas of daily work.


The Neosys AG service:
With our Quick Scan, we analyse all the CSR topics that are relevant to your organisation, taking into account strategy, operational structure and company culture. The analysis shows where you stand in relation to internationally recognised CSR criteria.

As a second step, we suggest alternative initiatives and measures in the area of CSR, and assist you in their implementation as required.

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