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Supply chain risk analysis

The challenges of global trade.

With globalisation, products and resources from distant lands are an everyday reality. Many Swiss companies rely on suppliers from a wide range of countries. However, depending on the country, the resulting supply chain can be fraught with risks.

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Supply chain risk analysis

Global trade poses challenges for your company:

  • Different general political and cultural conditions, together with the labour and human rights situation, in the countries of origin.
  • New legal due diligence requirements in the areas of conflict minerals and child labour.
  • Increased public awareness of the joint responsibility of Swiss companies for ensuring that their foreign suppliers comply with fair working conditions.
  • Loss of credibility for companies that do not assume this responsibility.

Neosys AG is here to help you!

  • We develop the risk assessments you need to fulfil your due diligence obligations. We identify possible conflict situations and assess the human rights situation in the sourcing countries.
  • If required, we will examine other sustainability issues, such as bribery or environmental aspects, and draw up appropriate training schemes for your employees.
  • We help you to develop an efficient procedure for dealing with problematic suppliers and draw up a supplier code for you.


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