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Energy & the environment

Neosys AG has been offering environmental protection and energy services as an independent engineering consultant since 1986 (under the company name Dr. Graft AG up to 2000). As a result, we are one of the most experienced industry consultants in Switzerland.

Company-wide, Neosys deals with all aspects of sustainability, and the field of energy and the environment is no exception: we pride ourselves in offering you the full range of environment-related services. We also draw on the services of external specialists in the fields of conservation and landscape protection.

Our overriding mission remains to act as a one-stop shop, offering our customers expert, solution-oriented environmental protection and energy consulting services.

Our clients include industrial and commercial businesses in all sectors, along with banks and federal, cantonal and communal authorities.

You will find more information about the services we offer in the following pages of our website covering the different environmental sectors.