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Greenhouse gas balancing, climate neutrality and carbon footprint measurement

From greenhouse gas balancing to climate neutrality.

We help businesses and municipalities to determine their CO2 emissions and their emissions of all greenhouse gases at regular intervals, to devise methods to reduce these emissions, and to evaluate the change in their carbon footprint over the year.

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to achieve climate neutrality is a goal that can apply to businesses, real estate developers and entire municipalities. Determining the emissions of a particular product or process makes it possible to calculate its specific CO₂ emissions, ‘climate friendliness’ or carbon footprint.

For a business or municipality to start the ball rolling, it must first determine its existing CO₂ emissions or emissions of all greenhouse gases by compiling a greenhouse gas balance report. It is a good idea to combine this with an energy and air pollution report, because the data collected from activities such as the consumption of fuel oil to calculate greenhouse gas emissions overlaps significantly with the data used to compile an energy usage report and/or an air pollution report.

Repeated reporting makes it possible to compare developments over time and to define measures effective in reducing emissions or making energy savings. Unavoidable emissions can be offset by certificates from CO₂ projects held in reserve or the use of carbon sinks.

When it comes to reporting, setting targets and planning measures, questions often arise that are difficult to answer without specialist knowledge and in-depth studies:

  • Which activities should be included in the report? Where should the boundaries between different systems be drawn?
  • Which sources of activity data are more accurate and of higher quality? If need be, must the data be calculated indirectly, and if so, how?
  • Which are the biggest energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters?
  • Where can our energy efficiency be improved? Where is there potential for using renewable energy sources?
  • In terms of reduction potential, where should we take action first?
  • What is a realistic path to reduction? What reduction goal should we aim for?


Our services

  • We can compile greenhouse gas emission, energy usage and pollutant emission reports for use in planning measures, project forecasts and performance reviews.
  • We support you with developing your climate and energy strategy, with any questions you may have, and with carrying out regular monitoring.
  • We help you identify, plan and achieve all of the economically viable reduction measures possible.
  • If you have unavoidable CO₂ emissions, we will help you reduce them through the use of carbon sinks or an offset mechanism.
  • We can determine the climate friendliness of a product, a process or an organisation.
  • We can investigate existing levels of pollution affecting all aspects of the environment (air, noise, NIR, water and soil pollution), presenting the results in an illustrated report.

Selected project references

  • Drafting of greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage reports for various municipalities in the Bern area
  • Calculation of carbon footprints for various businesses using the eco-balance approach.
  • Creation of carbon footprints according to the life cycle assessment approach for various products.
  • Concept development and auditing for the ‘CO₂-neutrale Wärme’ label
  • Concept for a climate-neutral municipal administration with balancing and monitoring.
  • Carbon footprint comparisons between various transport and waste disposal processes.

Your contacts

Do you have any questions about our services? We look forward to hearing from you.

Felix Martin
Dipl. phil. nat. Physiker, NDS Umwelt

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Rolf Gerber
Dipl. Masch.-Ing. ETH

+41 32 674 45 02

Christine Wenk
Dr. phil. sciences environnementales

+41 32 674 45 08

Linda Roberts
Dr. Sc. ETH Zürich

+41 32 674 45 04

Nils Kalbfuss
PhD in Molecular Life Sciences

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