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Funding projects through CO₂ reductions and compensations

Securing financial support for projects by selling CO₂ reductions in Switzerland or abroad.

Verifiable CO₂ reductions achieved as part of a project can be sold in Switzerland or abroad to support the project financially.

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Funding projects through CO₂ reductions

Strict criteria are applicable to evidence of CO₂ reductions. We will help you monetise your CO₂ reductions through the CO₂ projects and programmes mechanism. We also offer a full consulting service to ensure that your organisation complies with the provisions of the CO₂ Act.

We can validate and verify projects, monitoring concepts and monitoring reports produced as part of the ETS and for target agreements and offsetting projects.

Our services:

  • Evaluation of projects and possible financial support for them through the ‘offset projects’ CO₂ instrument or via the international carbon market
  • Evaluation of technologies and possible financial support for them through the CO₂ programme mechanism
  • Drafting of relevant documentation, help with registration with the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment or independent CO₂ standard providers
  • Regular reporting while your project or programme is under way (monitoring)
  • Help with monetising carbon attestations and carbon certificates
  • Operation of CO₂ programmes
  • Advice on funding possibilities and on carbon tax exemption in relation to the CO₂ Act

Your contacts

Do you have any questions about our services? We look forward to hearing from you!

Felix Martin
Dipl. phil. nat. Physiker, NDS Umwelt
+41 32 674 45 16

Silvio Borella
Dr. phil. nat. Physiker
+41 32 674 45 21