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Quantifying the environmental impacts of products, processes, facilities and sites.

We can analyse materials and energy flows for you and create eco-balances for your products, plants, sites and products to meet your requirements and budget, in accordance with established balancing methods and with ISO 14040 and 14044.

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  • Do you need to know whether your product or process has ecological advantages over conventional or competitors’ products and processes?
  • Do you need information to help you plan how to optimise your product or process from an ecological point of view?
  • Do you have customers who require an environmental product declaration (EPD) and may also ask you to provide a carbon footprint of product (CFP)?
  • Do you want to prepare an eco-balance or environment relevance analysis of your business or have your existing analysis or eco-balance audited by an independent authority for your annual report?
  • Do you need information and data to measure your environmental progress and for PR purposes?
  • Do you need a life cycle assessment of your products for ISO 14001:2015 certification?

We will be happy to help you compile the information and data needed for these requirements and to answer any questions you may have.

Because we operate in such a wide range of fields, we offer all-round expertise when it comes to process operations, resource consumption and emissions. This enables us to deliver reliable assessments, even where data is incomplete, for example in providing an initial rough analysis of your situation.


Our services

  • Life cycle assessments (LCAs) and environmental impact comparisons of products, processes and plants
  • Ecological footprints and environmental product declarations (EPDs)
  • Environmental relevance analysis of your business or products
  • Compiling social indicator information to complement your eco-balances (S-LCAs)
  • Eco-balance reviews


We are happy to provide information about our current project references on request.

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Linda Roberts
Dr. Sc. ETH Zürich

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