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EIRs, environmental reports and EDD assessments

On request, we can help you produce environmental impact reports (EIRs) for projects of all kinds and environment due diligence (EDD) assessments, including specific clean-up concepts and cost estimates.

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EIRs, environmental reports and EDD assessments

Environmental impact reports (EIRs) and environmental reports
For larger new building or renovation projects with a potentially relevant environmental impact, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) must also be carried out before a building permit can be obtained. This is designed to clarify, assess and where necessary optimise the project’s environmental impact. The results are documented in an environmental impact report (EIR).

The Swiss Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) details sector-specific criteria that specify which projects are subject to an EIA and therefore also require an EIR. In cases where the criteria laid down by the EIAO apply, this requirement for an EIR will apply not only to a new construction project but also to the redevelopment of an existing building.

In accordance with the EIAO, some larger construction projects which are not subject to an EIA may still have relevant environmental impacts. For these projects, an environmental report must be drawn up, the scope of which is determined in advance together with the granting authority. Depending on the type of building project, this environmental report can be restricted to those environmental concerns most relevant to the project in question.

The team at Neosys has extensive experience of drafting EIRs and environmental reports for various kinds of projects: wind farms, waste and hazardous waste facilities, production and storage facilities, asphalt plants, sewage treatment plants, road and railway construction projects, etc.

We deal with all areas of the environment and can call on recognised independent experts in specialist fields if required. We have experience of collaborating on the environmental optimisation of projects and negotiating with the relevant authorities. We advise project owners on communicating with the general public about their project and on finding solutions where conflicting objectives exist.

Environment due diligence (EDD) assessments
Before a change of ownership of a business or real estate, the risks must be clearly defined. Where an EDD is required, we can provide a neutral assessment of the installation, business or site on behalf of the owner, potential buyers, lenders or the relevant authorities. The client generally specifies the (main) focus of this assessment. This can be the environmental situation, legal compliance, the level of technology involved, the liability or environmental risks involved, etc. We guarantee strict confidentiality.


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