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Noise control and acoustics

Any unwanted sound qualifies as noise. In the field of physics, sound is clearly defined. Noise, on the other hand, is perceived subjectively and so is often difficult to assess. Good building and room acoustics improve wellbeing. Our acoustics and noise control experts are on hand to provide support in a range of areas.

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Noise control and acoustics

Our services:

Noise measurement
Taking measurements is an important starting point when it comes to assessing noise levels. We can measure:

  • All types of noise in accordance with the Swiss Noise Abatement Ordinance (industrial/commercial, road/railway, construction site, plant and shooting range noise), leisure and party noise, noise on building sites, etc.
  • Noise exposure in the workplace with respect to the requirements of SUVA and/or Ordinance 3 of the Swiss labour law.
  • Machinery noise with respect to EU Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Machinery noise for sound power calculations.

Noise reports
We can draw up the following kinds of reports to assess existing or future noise situations (e.g. before the start of a building project):

  • Noise reports for projects in which noise is/will be an issue.
  • Noise predictions for all types of noise using CadnaA noise prediction software in accordance with the Swiss Noise Abatement Ordinance.
  • Help with developing and optimising noise control measures.

Leisure and hospitality noise
We can compile reports on bars, restaurants and hospitality venues (in accordance with the guidelines produced by the ’cercle bruit’ association for example) to determine and assess the noise levels generated by premises open to the public.

Construction noise
Construction work inevitably generates noise. Even when quiet periods are observed, noise can still cause a disturbance in the neighbourhood. We offer:

  • Project assessments in accordance with the FOEN construction noise guidelines
  • Advice on devising appropriate noise control measures.

Building acoustics
Building acoustics is important in ensuring that the different users of a building do not disturb each other. We compile reports in accordance with standard SIA 181 on:

  • Airborne sound measurement (measurement of sound transmission through partition walls).
  • Footfall sound measurement.
  • Reverberation time measurement.
  • Calculation of the sound absorption coefficient.

Room acoustics
Having the ‘right’ room acoustics is an important factor in ensuring a workplace or dwelling complies with the law and is a pleasant place to occupy. Our services include:

  • Reverberation time measurements.
  • Reverberation time predictions.
  • Assessments in accordance with SIA 181 / DIN 18041.
  • Calculation of the sound absorption coefficient.



Our contact persons will be happy to provide you with reference projects on request.

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