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Accident prevention

Risk analyses, reports and support with implementation.

Do you store or use hazardous substances and preparations in your company that could endanger people and/or the environment if released? Then your company may be subject to the Swiss Major Accidents Ordinance.

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Accident prevention

For storage quantities above clearly defined thresholds, businesses must document the hazards posed by these substances and the safety measures taken in what’s called a summary report for the attention of the authorities. The business owner must amend the summary report whenever the circumstances change significantly or if they have relevant new findings.

If, after examining the summary report, the authorities conclude that serious harm to humans and/or the environment cannot be ruled out, they will order a risk assessment.

We clarify for you whether your business is subject to the Major Accidents Ordinance and help you to prepare summary reports and risk assessments in accordance with said ordinance.



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Jürg Liechti
Dr. sc. nat. Physiker
Riskmanagement, Risikoanalysen, Managementsysteme,
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Dr. rer. nat. Umweltmikrobiologin
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