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Chemicals legislation and hazardous substances management

ChemV, ChemRRV, REACH and Co.

The handling of hazardous substances gives rise to complex issues. We support you in hazardous substance management and advise you on the safe and legally compliant handling of hazardous substances in your company.

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Chemicals legislation and hazardous substances management

You use hazardous substances in your company, whether as a manufacturer, dealer or professional user. You have to comply with the legal requirements for hazardous substances, ensure occupational safety and health protection when handling hazardous substances and are confronted with customer enquiries regarding REACH compliance of your products.

Our services include:

  • Determining the chemical legal requirements that arise for your company from the purchase, use and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Preparation of documents for chemicals management.
  • Preparation of safety data sheets for the Swiss market in German and French. Other languages and adaptations according to foreign law on request.
  • Formulation of operating instructions for your employees, based on safety data sheets.
  • Support with product notification to the Chemicals Notification Authority.
  • Advice on chemical law issues and analysis of your hazardous substance inventory for relevant substance bans, restrictions on use or special safety regulations within the framework of Swiss chemical law and in the context of REACH.
  • Advice, company-specific training and support for the chemicals contact person in the company.


Confidential and on request.

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