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Analysis of hazardous material storage facilities and storage plans

Storing chemicals safely and in compliance with the law.

When storing hazardous materials, you must take into account the requirements for fire protection, occupational safety and environmental protection, as well as the properties of the stored materials and their incompatibilities with each other.

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Analysis of hazardous material storage facilities and storage plans

We help you to organise your inventory in hazardous material storage classes and develop storage plans.

Do you have large quantities of chemicals you need to store or are you planning to expand an existing warehouse?
Then you must observe the regulations governing occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and fire and explosion protection when storing hazardous materials.

Hazardous materials must be sorted according to their compatibility – incompatible substances must be stored separately. The Swiss fire protection guideline 26-15 on hazardous substances requires the preparation of hazardous material storage plans.

We advise you on the safe storage of hazardous materials and help you to analyse your inventory in terms of storage regulations and make storage arrangements that comply with the law.

We can draw up hazardous material storage plans for existing stores or as an addendum to the fire protection plan for new build projects.


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Barbara Morasch

Dr. rer. nat. Umweltmikrobiologin
hazardous substances management, risk analysis, protection concepts, biosafety

Maria Bühler

UAS-qualified Environmental Engineer, Dangerous Goods Officer, ASGS Specialist (federal diploma), Explosion Protection Officer CFPA-E

Felix von Reding

Graduate Chemist (UAS), Industrial Engineer STV
dangerous goods safety advisors